What is the difference between a ring sling and a woven wrap?

A ring sling is a long piece of fabric with two rings in one end. You use the rings to adjust the sling and tighten it so it fits properly around your child. The fabric is around two meters long and once you’ve threaded it you can easily take it on and off.

A woven wrap is a long piece of fabric you use to wrap your baby with. Woven wraps comes in different sizes and they are between 2,5-6 meters long. The most common size is a size 6 which is around 4,7 meters long.


Should I choose a ring sling or a woven wrap?

Ring sling and woven wrap are both ergonomic and a perfect match for the mother or father who wants to carry a child. I would say that the choice of wrap depends on the situation. If you need to carry your child for a long time I would choose a woven wrap for the best support. If you have a child who wants to be carried on and off a ring sling might be the better fit for you. This is also why many families often have both a ring sling and a woven wrap.


When can I use a ring sling or a woven wrap?

You can start using a baby wrap right from the start when your baby is newborn. Some people start with a stretchy wrap which is nice because you can wrap it first and then put the baby in. But a ring sling is also very easy with a newborn. We recommend that you consult with a baby wearing expert or watching a video about ‘how to wrap your baby’ before wrapping your child.

You can use a baby wrap/sling as long you and your child want to. A 5 year old can easily get tired on a long walk so as long as you feel good about it, carrying your child is amazing.


Is there a time limit for how long a baby should be in a wrap?

If your baby is placed ergonomic correctly with knees above buttocks and with the back supported there is no time limit. So you shouldn’t feel bad if your child wants to be close.


Which sling rings do you use?

I only use the best materials and the rings are no different. I use aluminum rings for the ring slings. They are tested (by SGS) to a breaking force of 2750lbs and the required test is 220lbs. They are lead and nickel free (non toxic) which means the world to me because I want to take care of you and your baby.

They have a beautiful finish due to the fact that they are weld free and specially manufactured for baby slings.


How should I wash my KALY times wrap?

We highly recommend that you wash your new wrap when you receive it. All wraps you by from KALY times needs a wash before use.

Wraps made with cotton, linen and hemp you can wash in the machine on 30-40 degrees. if it is a ring sling you need to cover the rings and for that you can use socks. The wraps can be dried in the dryer which will make wraps made out of hemp and linen softer. Linen and hemp also really like to be steam ironed after wash.

If your wrap is with silk or wool we recommend to hand wash the wrap. Many machines do have a wool or silk programme you can use. Hang dry or flat dry.


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